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Planning for Small Bathroom Remodel

Careful planning is required for remodeling a small bathroom. Space is a major constraint and since all necessary amenities must also be included and must be utilized efficiently. It is not necessarily cheap to remodel a small bathroom and depending on the extent the cost can run into thousand of dollars.

Small Bathroom RemodelWhen remodeling a small bathroom, function has to take precedence over aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean a pleasing compromise can’t be reached. Contemporary themes blend well, or can be matched to one’s home decor and so choosing a layout and a theme should be the first priority. When finalizing the layout, care should be taken to prevent a cramped, claustrophobic feel.

Small Bathroom Remodel Jobs

Categorize small bathroom remodel jobs. Classify things that can be reused, things that have to be fixed and things that have to be replaced or added. To prepare an estimate of the total expenditure consult a professional renovator.

Choose bright color schemes and install large mirrors and bright fluorescent lights. Bright color schemes, large mirrors and fluorescent lamps create an illusion of space, they will make your bathroom feel bigger that it actually is. To install adequate ventilation care must be taken. Without proper ventilation your bathroom will be humid and odorous. Fosters mould growth with high humidity.

Select wall tiles and flooring. Numerous variety tiles are available such as ceramic, slate, glass, etc.. Dirt repellent tiles use nanotechnology to repel water and dirt and don’t require cleaning.

Small Bathroom Remodel Schedule

Schedule your small bathroom remodel. The first task to address should be the plumbing, clean, repair and refit the plumbing. To ensure that it is leak proof test the completed assembly. Next, attend to the power wiring, replace all damaged wires and make sure that the wiring doesn’t come in contact with the plumbing. Position all electrical outlets away from water faucets, position switches where they are not likely to get wet.

The tile work should be next in line. Remove, repair or replace as required. Preferable for the floors are slip resistant tiles. Next in the job schedule should be bathroom fixtures and accessories. Faulty accessories should be repaired or replaced. Install shelves and wall cabinets if required. Finally install electrical accessories and mirrors. It’s the perfect  Small Bathroom Remodel!