Throw A Party On Your New Deck

Has your office space been moved to another room? Maybe you’re been downgraded to the kids room? Where are you going to put all your things? A great deck can help make use of that space you’re not currently using and make the most of your existing space.

Moving things outside is a great way to get more space out of your house and is a trendy thing to do. Many people in the country have room in their backyards under an existing or potential structure that could be used. With new metal decking systems there are no spaces between sections. This water-proof seal prevents the weather from hitting the area below. That means that space remains dry and sheltered from the elements.

If you need someplace to put your belongings or just a room to entertain your buddies, your new protected space is a great place to kick back or to put your extra stuff. Of course, that isn’t the only point of choosing these new materials over older picks. “These materials are meant to last forever with very little maintenance. They stand up to the elements and will never rot or rust,” says Bert Holland of Duraview Decking.

There are also many styles to choose from. You can go contemporary or traditional. Choose from cable, glass, picket and many decorative styles. They are shipped in prepackaged sections for easy installation. In addition, the decking is maintenance free, so you’ll never have to replace a rotted, cracked or warped board again. You also won’t have to spend a perfect summer day water-proofing, staining or painting the deck. All it takes the occasional cleaning to keep the deck looking great. “The aluminum decking stays smooth to the touch,” explains Tim Murnow, a Deck Builder in Whippany NJ. “It has a textured, non-skid powder coat finish, and is available in four beautiful colors, so there’s sure to be an option that complements the color scheme of your house.”

When completed, you can decorate your deck as you see fit. There are endless possibilities from trees to potted flowers. Since your deck can never be harmed by moisture like a traditional deck there are no worries. Compliment your structure with a nice lounge or rocker. Your deck is an ideal location for a chimney or barbecue. You can even install a complete cooking area with seats for guests and a bar area.

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