Reasons To Opt For Cedar Fence- Portland, Oregon

by Chris Campbell

The security of a house becomes more if there is fencing around it. Fencing can be done around the backyard or front yard. It not only ensures security, but enhances the beauty of the landscape as well. It adds a sculpted look into the landscaping plans.

Though fencing can be done in many ways, the best type is to install cedar fence, if you are a resident of Portland, Oregon. A cedar fence serves as a divider and forms a back drop for the gardens, shrubbery or trees. A cedar fence added in the landscape is like adding a frame around a photo. A fence also defines a particular area which may have a pool, patio or deck.

One of the most popular fencing materials in Portland, Oregon is Western Red Cedar. Some of the reasons for choosing this are-

1. Natural Insulator: It offers natural insulation for the yard, blocking the cold winter winds. This is because of its natural ability to insulate with air pockets deep within the cells. Furthermore, a cedar fence holds in the yard’s temperature so as to keep it a bit in the winter. It is also a good blocker of sound. So you can throw loud parties without disturbing your neighbors!


2. Natural Insect Repellent: The natural cedar oil is a great deterrent to annoying bugs such as termites, moths and mosquitoes. So, the fence acts like an insect repellant.

3. Highly Durable: It is one of the most durable woods as it has natural thujaplicins, which help ward off decay-inducing fungi. So it has an exceptionally long life span, if properly cared for.

4. Easy to Stain: As cedar lacks resin, it can easily bond with adhesive. So it is easy to stain and its grain is also ideal for nailing and sawing.

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