Wood Fences

There’s nothing like lumber for normal warmth and natural beauty. Breaux’s Construction comes with a selection of traditional solid wood fence styles in cedar, pressure-treated timber and redwood.

Real Wood Fence Features

  • Offered in individual pieces or pickets for custom-built fences and in convenient pre-made and pre-assembled panels.
  • Crafted simply as a result of #1 quality grade cedar, pressure-treated wood or redwood.
  • Pressure treated wood is made up of harsh chemicals that will fight insect pests, decay and rot; cedar and redwood are naturally tolerant.
  • Professional variations from primary suppliers
  • Sturdy construction making use of the best woods
  • Cheaper compared to vinyl and decorative metal fence

Wood Fences – Weathering & Upkeep

All solid wood fencing made available via Breaux’s Construction withstands both insect pest and weather damage. For long-term attractiveness and durability, Breaux’s Construction recommends that you paint, stain or use a waterproof sealer for your wood fence soon after it’s mounted; then again¬† every three to four years going forward. Left untreated, solid wood fence will weather organically or naturally. With proper upkeep, pretreated wood fences will look beautiful and last for years.

To find out more, contact a fence building professional at 337-214-0121.

TeeBro fence 6' cedar6' cedar w/ cappingbasic cedar 6' with cappingIMG_1204IMG_1097IMG_1232IMG_1129IMG_1230basic cedar 6' privacy gate back side6' cedar fence back sideMona Lisa front side 6'Mona Lisa back side 6'The back side of a "Paul Bunyan fence"Paul Bunyan" white cedar with treated pine capping"Paul Bunyan" white cedar with treated pine capping between brick columnsThis is the ULTIMATE wood fence. Cypress Paul BunyanCypress Paul Bunyan with cypress capping. White cedar planksoptional LED solar powered light6' Paul Bunyan w/ optional stain6' Paul Bunyan 6x6 post every 16' apart with a hidden 4x4 behind fence 6' basic cedar privacy fenceAromma cedar 5' picket with sealerIMG_0875The "St Francis"   3'6" picket fence (white cedar)