Taking On a Fence Project

Breaux’s Construction has taken on many fence projects and has the experience to help you with the decisions you need to make for wooden,
vinyl or metal fences.


Whenever you take on a fence building project, spending some time planning up front will aid to create the job go smoothly. No matter whether you might be building a straightforward post and rail fence around your property or a nice cedar privacy fence, you can find a number of things to consider just before starting the project.


Breaux’s Construction specializes in privacy fences and has built hundreds of residential and commercial fences. We’ve helped our clients decide precisely what they’re needing and have supplied style elements to make the fence project essentially the most it can be; nevertheless usually keeping the clients budget in mind. With all the different vendors of different types of lumber, iron, aluminum and vinyl, we are bound to have the right materials for your next project. Let us give you ideas on your next fence project.


Ridgid steel gate frames

If you are looking for the best gates possible and wont break the bank, call us for a free quote for our gate frames. They will last a lifetime. They are made from square galvanized tubing and the planks are attached right to the frames reducing the weight of the gates. Say goodbye to warped and twisted gates!


Wooden Fences

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IMG_1232IMG_1129IMG_1097IMG_1201IMG_1230Mona Lisa back side 6'IMG_0675IMG_1019IMG_1187IMG_1193IMG_1199IMG_1208TeeBro fence back sidebasic cedar 6' with capping



 Vinyl Fences

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Aluminum Fences

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Fencing Functions
Wood Fences may be employed as an architectural element, a approach to define boundaries or both. It can function to keep an location contained (meaning “to maintain things in an area”) or it can serve to maintain unwanted things from entering an location (meaning “to keep issues out of an area”). The function you strategy to have your fence serve will dictate what kind of fence design you use.

Style Selection
When you know what function you would like your fence to provide, it is possible to pick a style. There are numerous designs offered and some more complicated than other people. In case you strategy to construct the fence yourself, you’ll need to consider your personal skill at constructing. Even some of the much more sophisticated fence styles could be assembled by a novice fence builder thanks to the growing number of businesses that provide pre-built wood fence panels.

Fence Placement and Positioning
One of the most common fence placement is at the property boundaries. When deciding on the placement of your fence, be sure to locate your property’s boundary markers. Most properties have small metal pins at each main point of the property that marks the geometric boundary of the property. If your property doesn’t have boundary markers, it may be finest to have a surveyor locate your properties boundaries before you commence.

Building Codes
You will also need to figure out if you can find any creating codes or covenants and restictions (CC&R’s) that apply to your fence developing project. Many Home Owner Associations (HOA’s) have restrictions on fencing styles and in some cases, colors that want to be considered prior to you begin your project. Some cities and/or counties may have regulations on fencing heights and other attributes that will will need consideration prior to you begin.

Once Breaux’s Construction has helped you with your planning, it is time to begin turning your dreams into reality. Give us a call and we can begin working with you as soon as today!

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